Apple Approves Epic Games’ Developer Account in Sweden

Apple Approves Epic Games’ Developer Account in Sweden

Apple has recently approved Epic Games’ developer account in Sweden, following a tumultuous period during which Apple had blocked the company’s access to the App Store in retaliation for lawsuits and social media criticisms. This decision comes as a result of the new antitrust regulation, the Digital Markets Act, which allows for the establishment of competing app stores on iPhones in Europe. The incident between Epic Games and Apple raised questions about the effectiveness of the law’s fines and penalties in curbing the practices of tech giants like Apple.

The swift reversal of Apple’s decision to block Epic Games’ developer account in Sweden sends a strong signal to developers that the European Commission will enforce the Digital Markets Act and hold gatekeepers like Apple accountable. This decision is significant as it signifies a step towards allowing third-party app stores on iPhones in Europe, breaking Apple’s previous monopoly on app installations. However, Apple’s decision to charge half of a euro per download through third-party app stores has drawn criticism from developers and regulators alike.

After an inquiry by the European Commission, Apple allowed Epic Games to launch their store in Europe, signifying a resolution to the conflict between the two companies. Despite Apple’s initial rejection of Epic Games’ compliance with their platform policies, the restoration of Epic Games’ developer account came after the company committed to following the rules, including those outlined in the Digital Markets Act.

The conflict between Epic Games and Apple dates back to 2020 when Epic Games attempted to bypass Apple’s 30% cut of App Store sales by updating the popular game Fortnite. Apple responded by removing Fortnite from its stores, leading to a lawsuit by Epic Games to force Apple to open up its platform. While Epic Games did not entirely win the lawsuit, they secured some concessions under California law.

Overall, Apple’s approval of Epic Games’ developer account in Sweden under the Digital Markets Act marks a significant development in the ongoing saga between the two companies. The enforcement of the law by European regulators signals a potential shift in the control of app distribution on iPhones in Europe. This decision has broader implications for the tech industry as a whole, highlighting the importance of regulatory measures in ensuring fair competition and consumer choice.


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