Analysis and Critique of Blue Finch Films Horror Movie Sale

Analysis and Critique of Blue Finch Films Horror Movie Sale

Blue Finch Films recently secured a North American sale for the horror movie ‘Mom’, featuring Emily Hampshire from ‘Schitt’s Creek’. The film, which made its debut at Glasgow FrightFest, has been picked up by Uncork’d Entertainment and is scheduled for release later this year. The negotiations for the deal began during the Cannes market, indicating a growing interest in the horror genre among audiences.

‘Mom’ revolves around a struggling mother played by Emily Hampshire, who finds herself abandoned by her family and partner following a traumatic event. As she spirals into seclusion, she starts experiencing supernatural occurrences that force her to confront her innermost fears. The film boasts a talented cast including François Arnaud and Christian Convery, who add depth to the storyline with their performances.

Production Details

The movie is directed by Adam O’Brien and written by Philip Kalin-Hajdu, indicating a strong creative vision behind the project. With Delirium Pictures and Kinetic Film Group on board as producers, ‘Mom’ promises to deliver a chilling and atmospheric viewing experience for horror enthusiasts. The collaboration between the filmmakers and production companies highlights a dedication to quality storytelling in the genre.

Keith Leopard, President of Uncork’d Entertainment, expressed enthusiasm for the film, praising the filmmakers for crafting a compelling supernatural thriller. He emphasized the movie’s ability to captivate audiences with its suspenseful narrative and eerie ambiance. Adam O’Brien also conveyed excitement about the partnership with Uncork’d Entertainment, indicating a sense of optimism for the upcoming release.

The sale of ‘Mom’ to Uncork’d Entertainment marks a significant milestone for Blue Finch Films and the creative team behind the horror movie. The project’s unique premise, talented cast, and experienced filmmakers bode well for its success in the North American market. As the release date approaches, anticipation grows for audiences eager to immerse themselves in a spine-tingling cinematic experience. Overall, ‘Mom’ represents a promising addition to the horror genre, offering a fresh perspective on supernatural storytelling.


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